The Nuisance that is Headache

Since I was young I have been very active. That is until about four years ago when I started having trouble with bad headaches and neck pain. It seems that I could only get one or two good days a week without terrible upper back pain and really bad headaches. They had over time become so intense that I couldn’t do my job as well as I could before. Sometimes I would go to play with my two year old son and end up just laying on the floor because it was a position in which I could get some relief. I couldn’t spend my life laying down.

In the beginning I took Advil. I did that until it ate holes in my stomach. The doctor said I had four ulcers cause by NSAIDS weakening the lining of my stomach. So I knocked the daily dosage down from 1600 mg to 200 mg and just dealt the pain. This wasn’t going to work and I started doing some research on the topic. I found this page that describes an awesome method for dealing with a type of sinus infection that cause headaches and even neck pain that actually did help me. It was the middle of winter and I did have a sinus infection that his method cleared up.

There are many pockets in your sinuses and when you have a cold or allergies you will also have inflammation and swelling. When your sinuses swell these pockets close up and infection sets in. After a while you will feel pressure that can really bring you down. If it gets bad enough you will not be able to function.

The article I read about clearing up a bad sinus infection was really focused on a sinus infection in a specific sinus cavity called the sphenoid but the method works very well and is the best way to clear up any type of sinus infection and stop the headaches.

The main thing I notice is a headache at base of skull and I never did even think of the possibility that it could be sinus infection neck pain. Instead of feeling like a headache that focuses on a single point it actually makes your head hurt from the back where your head and neck meet all the way forward to your eyebrows. Some people describe it as skull pain. When I went to find information I typed headache base of skull in Google and found a ton of information.

If your interested in trying the same thing I did to get rid of your headaches and neck pain visit this webpage at this link headache at base of skull. It is very descriptive and very easy. Heck you get to lay on your back for 15 minutes. Give it a shot I guarantee it will work.

If this method does not work for you then check out this article on stopping the pain of Occipital Neuralgia. It covers another cause of this type of pain with the same symptoms. It is not very well known but affects many people.