Do I Really have to go to a Philadelphia Dentist?

Do I Really have to go to a Philadelphia Dentist?

Those of you who have any kids know that there is never a dull moment. There seems like there is always something to clean upĀ  or somewhere you have to be. It seems like the only time, us parents have any peace, is at night. That is because everyone is so exhausted from the day’s events. I love having a family and kids and I would not change any of it for the world. But sometimes it would be nice to sit around and just read a book in peace.

It being fall is always so busy. We have all kids doing some sport this time of the year. Summer is actually a little easier on us. I am at the doctor’s office with one when I get the phone call from my oldest son’s coach. He said that he had a little accident during practice, but it was not serious at all. Being a vet in the business, I did not worry. I knew once I got him then we could fix whatever happened. I was the only one who was available to get him. So it was about another hour before I got to the practice field.

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When I pulled up and saw my son I was shocked! He has 3 teeth cracked and they looked awful! I knew it was time to go to They are the best Philadelphia dentist around for sure. They know us all too well there. So all it took was one phone call and they had us in at no time. I have to admit the way his teeth looked I was a little worried. I just did not know how his teeth would look. I mean he was missing chunks of teeth. It was not like filling a cavity. This looked much more serious. The work they do there is great quality.

It only took around an hour until the job was done. I tell you they did a wonderful job! You cannot even tell that anything happened to his teeth at all. It was perfect. If I was worried I know he was worried. He is at that age where his looks matter to him now. He too was happy with the results and was amazed. I know where we are always going for our dental needs!