When It All Began

Image Credit: pinstopin.com
Image Credit: pinstopin.com

Let me back track just a little and talk about the very first baby of my life. Let me share how it was when it was just beginning (not knowing it can turn crazy fun in the next years to come).

When I found out that I was going to have a baby, I was excited beyond anything else I have ever felt in my entire life. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for years since our marriage and we have been consulting different doctors to help us make it a reality. Finally, after years of trying and waiting, we are blessed to have the angel we have all been waiting for.

I was so excited when I heard the news that every day since then, we have been buying baby stuffs and we have been planning on the look and feel of the nursery room for the baby. Our house had three rooms in it and we plan to convert one into the nursery room while the other one is our room and the third the guest room. We were having a baby girl and so I was even happier to design the room for her.

Excitement was the only thing painted across my face. We have waited long enough and now that it was coming, I was the happiest woman alive.

Having a baby is the greatest gift that a woman could ever have, and I am thankful that after years of attempts to have this blessing, it finally came through. My baby can be sure that she will have the best, as long as I live to love and nurture her.

Well, that was back when I thought I was only having 1 angel. I never really thought we would reach 9! How crazy time flew!

The second baby was still a dear, the third, a little surprise, the fourth, adorable, the fifth, was scary because I am a bit old already to be bearing a child. But then, the sixth, seventh, eight and ninth all managed to pull through and now our house might just be the noisiest house in the subdivision.

I know not a lot of people envy me, thinking that 9 children are just too much. But hey, all I think of now is to get them through life and let them learn how to grow in age and in wisdom, so that one day, when I am definitely old, I can be sure that there will be my children to take care of me. There are so many of them, I know I won’t worry when I need them to take care of me.